New Orchestral Handbook has Ties to WSO

Former Warren Symphony Music Director, David Daniels, is preparing to release his second book, Arias, Ensembles, & Choruses: An Excerpt Finder for Orchestras, which is available for pre-order now.  Daniels says conductors and orchestra librarians and administrators will find the guide helpful to locate excerpts that vocal soloists or choruses might use on orchestral concerts (think operas, oratorios, cantatas, musicals, etc.).  He co-authored the book with John Yaffé, who lives in New York City.

Daniels’ first book, Orchestral Music:  A Handbook, is an industry standard and is highly praised in the world of orchestra professionals.

The latest handbook covers the standard repertoire for American orchestras and is also available by subscription at  The site is updated monthly and has now grown to include 7,200 compositions.

The cover design for "Arias Ensembles & Choruses"

Look for Arias, Ensembles & Choruses sometime this fall.